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Month: August 2017

BrandPost: Is Agile Blinding Your Business?

Agile methodology has done a lot to reinvent the engineering landscape, and we’re now at a point where agile is showing up in other departments and organizations. Businesses are running agile legal, HR, and marketing teams.

Companies have realized that to be effective, they have to push ownership and execution to the teams that do the work. The long-held notions of top-down planning and budgeting are no longer effective. Agile is much faster, and allows businesses to react to the rapid changes in competition across all aspects of an organization.

The Invisibility of Agile

Agile spurs innovation, but all the great work that teams complete through agile often disappears in the larger context of the business. And the lack of visibility into agile processes becomes even more problematic as agile spreads across the business. Most of the tools that teams might use are not designed to facilitate agile for non-software developers, let alone to roll up information to an executive-level summary.

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IDG Contributor Network: Blockchain might fatten your wallet – here’s what you should know

Over the past several years there has been a lot of buzz about blockchain. Many of the major technology-focused research organizations and their analysts have penned articles about what blockchain may or not become. If you have read these publications you would know about the associations between blockchain and bitcoin as well as the various IT-intensive ways of validating financial transactions. But what you wouldn’t immediately understand is how blockchain is going to enable each of us individually to provide goods and services directly to businesses around the globe. Within 10 years it is entirely possible for each of us to be a supplier to companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

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IDG Contributor Network: Who is winning in text message (SMS) marketing?

As digital marketing continues to grow, there are clear indicators that mobile is a key driver of new markets, products and services that delivery digital marketing content. The shifts in the mobile marketing landscape are remarkable. In October 2016, web browsing on mobile devices overtook desktop browsing.[1] As of May 2015, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on desktops in the U.S.[2] Marketing in the mobile channel now makes up 21% of online spending, up from a mere 4% in 2010.[3] Indeed, real-time, location specific, personalized interactions with customers remains the “holy grail” of digital retail marketing.

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BrandPost: Point Product Problems – Survey shows CIOs and IT managers prefer total solutions

Background for an IT study

Rapid advances in IT have accelerated change in industries through disruption and new business models.  However, CIOs and IT personnel find it increasingly difficult to build infrastructure from scratch everytime new software workloads are deployed.

IT leaders today want to be more strategic and relevant to the business, focusing on digital transformation by creating new user experiences, better data analytics, and deeper digital innovation around their products and services.    Outdated or static technology keeps many IT providers in catch-up mode, updating and adjusting multiple variables that need to align, in their quest for an optimal solution, all the while struggling to compete in an ever-evolving IT marketplace.

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