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Month: November 2017

IDG Contributor Network: Lifting big data to the sky: Hadoop-as-a-Service is gaining rapid traction

Hadoop is an open source-based software framework that enables high throughput processing of big data quantities across distributed clusters.

What started as niche market several years ago is now entering the mainstream. With the rapid expansion of the digital universe, Hadoop provides ample use cases allowing big data processing utilizing plain commodity hardware.

It’s also highly scalable from a single server to multiple server farms with each cluster running its own compute and storage. Hadoop provides high availability at the application layer, hence cluster hardware can be off-the-shelf, making the nodes easily interchangeable and cost efficient.

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IDG Contributor Network: 3 steps to greatness

Growing up I heard the adage: “that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back” and never thought how profound it was.  What prompts people to act?  I dreamed about doing something transformative, creating inclusion by removing gender bias, and empowering women to achieve greatness.  But, my actions did not reflect my passion.  If I had not been required to act, I would have maintained status quo. Why?

In making decisions, I tend to avoid conflict.  I confront issues indirectly, by making a joke or deflecting the comment. This behavior may be characterized as being passive aggressive, I give in begrudgingly and allow the situation to remain unresolved. This reflects my desire to maintain the relationship, and is common to women. Men often approach the issue directly, with the express desire of winning. Since men do not see conflict as being personal, they can easily get over it.  The ideal approach is a combination of the two: address the conflict directly but respect the relationship.

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Investing in women: How The Helm is shaking up the VC world

On Oct. 12, 2017, the venture capital (VC) world was introduced to The Helm, a company and new VC community that offers seed-round funding to female business founders. The Helm, founded by Lindsey Taylor Wood, Erin Shipley and Emily Verellen Strom, takes a radical new approach to change the pipeline of capital available to women founders. By giving investors bespoke opportunities to see how their money is put to work, The Helm’s community aims to attract a new type of investor — men and women familiar with giving through philanthropic pursuits — and show them how real impact is achievable by supporting female founders who are changing industries.

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