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Day: February 6, 2018

BrandPost: Why HPC Matters: Fraud Detection

Like the dusty streets of a Wild West town, the payment-processing industry is the setting for a never-ending shootout between good guys and bad guys. In this case, the good guys are armed with high performance computing systems that power machine learning algorithms designed to recognize and stop potentially fraudulent transactions initiated by the bad guys. This capability requires HPC systems that process enormous amounts of data on the fly with millisecond response times.

That’s the way it is at Mastercard. To identify and stop fraudulent transactions, the payment-processing powerhouse leverages machine learning algorithms running on HPC systems to process large data sets at lightning-fast speeds. Nick Curcuru, vice president of the big data practice at Mastercard International Inc., explains that the goal is to stop fraud in its tracks without disrupting or delaying legitimate transactions.

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IDG Contributor Network: Tony Robbins extracts the 3 secrets of digital success from the founders of Skype, Venmo and Airbnb

More than 2,000 business leaders gathered last month in Palm Beach, Florida for an exclusive and sold-out event led by Tony Robbins, the best-selling author, business strategist and coach. The majority of the program was proprietary content available only to paid attendees, but Robbins did share a roughly two-hour block of the five-day event via a free Facebook Live Stream.  During this part of the program, Robbins interviewed  a series of massively successful entrepreneurs from the tech industry, including Jonas Kjellberg (co-creator of Skype and iCloud), Iqram Magdon-Ismail (co-founder of payment app Venmo) and Joe Gebbia (co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Airbnb).  

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IT entrepreneurship at MRE: The tough road from support to sales

At MRE Consulting Ltd., a Houston-based professional services firm, IT staff had long focused on how to minimize revenue loss. Because MRE’s value proposition is based on its intellectual property, the biggest threat was outages that could derail the work of the company’s consultants.

“Prior to my arrival, some members of the team had taken it upon themselves to generate a tool that could help them proactively monitor some of the situations that would cause these outages so that we could get them fixed, minimizing the downtime,” says CIO Ken Piddington. “[There] was never a thought that this could do anything more than just help us be better at what our core business was.”

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Would You Have Spotted This Skimmer?

When you realize how easy it is for thieves to compromise an ATM or credit card terminal with skimming devices, it’s difficult not to inspect or even pull on these machines when you’re forced to use them personally — half expecting something will come detached. For those unfamiliar with the stealth of these skimming devices and the thieves who install them, read on. © 2017