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Day: February 12, 2018

BrandPost: Millennials Are Driving Workplace Automation—Here’s Why

Automation will have a major impact on the nature of work in the coming decade. While there are varying stats on how many jobs and work activities could be automated, the reality is that automation — supported by technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning — will eventually transform virtually every industry and organization.

Millenials, in particular, are driving the rapid evolution of automation in the workplace. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since this tech-savvy generation (now aged 21-37) values the same attributes that automation promises to deliver: increased efficiency, transparency, work-life balance, and ability to focus on meaningful work, among other things. Compared to previous generations, millenials are also quick to find, apply, and understand new technologies — especially if it improves productivity and collaboration.

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IDG Contributor Network: Manage your unconscious bias

The expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover” reminds us to avoid making decisions based on outward appearance, what you see is not always what you get.

If you met an older gentleman with long disheveled hair would you think Einstein or indigent? How you make this distinction is individualized based on established patterns that your brain applies. These decision processes happen without conscious thought. While pattern recognition allows you to act without continually evaluating information, it introduces unconscious bias.

There are hundreds of types of unconscious bias, and each plays a role in decision-making, team creation, collaboration and innovation.  Since women have a tendency to be conciliatory, collaborative and concerned with what others think, they are apt to be influenced by unconscious bias.

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IDG Contributor Network: Smart contracts still miles away from living up to their name

One of the best developments to come from blockchain was not the rampant speculation that has accompanied the rapid price gains in cryptocurrencies over the last year, but rather its unique ability as a platform to disrupt many established business practices. In their drive for greater embrace and adoption, blockchain-based utilities have sprouted up as the missing piece of the puzzle for streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency. Whether deploying the decentralized ledger to coordinate logistics through the entire chain of custody or connecting IoT devices to more easily analyze data in real-time, blockchain’s advantages are numerous and far-reaching.

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IDG Contributor Network: Redefine the future of your organization with a competency framework

Organizational leaders charged with organizational role design and workforce planning as well as recruitment and performance management can benefit from re-skilling and up-skilling talent management for IT organizations.

Three of the primary advantages to utilizing a framework for IT skills management are 1) defining organizational roles with standard skills, 2) mapping existing roles to standard organizational IT roles, and 3) measuring skills gaps.

Reference architecture can improve how business relationship managers deliver business capabilities. Process models assist in the visualization of interaction inputs and outputs. RACI (which is an acronym for responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) can add clarity around ownership of activities. These tools add value under specific constraints and contexts. They’re tactical. They don’t solve strategic problems.

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Domain Theft Strands Thousands of Web Sites

Newtek Business Services Corp. [NASDAQ:NEWT], a Web services conglomerate that operates more than 100,000 business Web sites and some 40,000 managed technology accounts, had several of its core domain names stolen over the weekend. The theft shut off email and stranded Web sites for many of Newtek’s customers.

An email blast Newtek sent to customers late Saturday evening made no mention of a breach or incident, saying only that the company was changing domains due to “increased” security. A copy of that message can be read here (PDF).

In reality, three of their core domains were hijacked by a Vietnamese hacker, who replaced the login page many Newtek customers used to remotely manage their Web sites (webcontrolcenter[dot]com) with a live Web chat service. As a result, Newtek customers seeking answers to why their Web sites no longer resolved correctly ended up chatting with the hijacker instead. © 2017