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IDG Contributor Network: Why CIOs need to upgrade their arsenals to keep up with the digital revolution

[This article was co-authored by Daniel Cable]

The digital revolution is deeply affecting the way we live, consume, work and interact with one another. Not only do companies have to revamp their operating models and adopt to a changing market environment; CIOs must also upgrade their arsenals and come up with new strategies, tactics and tools that help them build a purposeful digital enterprise. The need for a transformation is not an option — it’s an inevitable requirement for businesses and executives alike.

Research shows that leaders are critical to the success of any digital transformation effort across an organization. In other words, change doesn’t happen out of the blue, simply because somebody proclaimed it. It’s a massive team effort that comes to fruition when a charismatic leadership team provides vision and purpose, and spearheads the march.

The CIO’s changing role

CIOs are increasingly wearing multiple hats as they spend more time on strategic corporate responsibilities outside their functional tasks — a shift that makes their job more rewarding, but also more demanding. Board expectations are on the rise. Gartner predicts that, by 2020, half of CIOs who have not transformed their teams’ capabilities will lose their seat on the digital leadership team.

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