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Oracle pitches autonomous capabilities for its entire cloud platform

Oracle is raising its bid to attract enterprises moving to the cloud by extending AI-based automation throughout its PaaS (platform as a service) offerings, claiming that the new automated services will cut costs and reduce management headaches.

The company is using AI techniques including machine learning to enable the various services in its Oracle Cloud Platform to do self-maintenance, such as optimizing workloads and installing patches.

The basic pitch to CIOs is straightforward. “It’s really reducing costs and increasing productivity — that’s what we’re aiming for, where CIOs can really take care of focusing their resources and investment on strategic initiatives and have the services run by Oracle be very self-running,” said Amit Zavery, executive vice president of product development for the Oracle Cloud Platform.

“We want to provide autonomous capabilities to eliminate the human labor associated with provisioning, upgrades, backup, recovery, and troubleshooting,” Zavery said.

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Updated: February 11, 2018 — 5:54 pm

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