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  • Modify the sales page and email swipes to fit the targeted demographic of your choice
  • Gather affiliates to drive traffic to your sales page and do all of the converting for you
  • Create ad campaigns on networks such as Facebook, Google, Bing, and more..
  • Add an evergreen profit stream to your life and profit on autopilot
Friday, April 21st, 2017

From the desk of:

Jack Malaspina


Dear Internet user,

One of my absolute favorite methods of generating revenue (for myself and for my students) is by purchasing the Resell Rights licensing for various plugins, software products, graphics packs, and even guides or eBooks as well.

It's fast, it's simple, and most of all - once you know what you're doing, you can easily start profiting in many different ways as quickly as possible.


So... Why not just make the product myself?

It's simple. There's 3 reasons why.

  • Time
  • Money
  • Resources

But when the resell rights are offered to me, I know that I can easily take the product and all of the sales materials already provided, upload the product and start selling it immediately. That's 100% profit.

I get to slap my name on a proven product with a sales funnel completed for me, and instantly become an authority in the niche or market that the product is based in.

Let’s be realistic here: product creation is expensive as it is just to have a product developed and implemented.

...But the price rises even further once you factor in the expenses of copywriting and sales page design, then the time spent gathering affiliates and everything in between It will seriously cost you an arm and a leg.

Today, however, you're being offered the opportunity to grab resell rights for the entire product line that you just sunk your teeth into.

You can effortlessly earn back the investment you just made, and continue profiting for as long as you desire.


The Resell Rights Package

Account Lockdown Training Guide + Advanced Video Series

This fresh and unique training guide is extremely easy to follow so that you will learn the most accurate and exact methods for fully securing not just your e-mail account but ANY account in your possession that exists on the Internet.

You will also be given the peace of mind and the relief that you don't have to stress out with or risk having any kind of security issues now or down the road.

Account Lockdown Training Guide

Table of Contents

Hybrid Cheat Sheet

Resources Report

Have an insider Look of guide

Digital Mind Map

Do's And Do Not's Chart

Security Training Video Series

This 24 part step-by-step video training series will cover everything inside of the e-book guide AND more.

Each section of the guide is broken down into one separate video, allowing you to digest the contents piece by piece without becoming overwhelmed

Here's A Full Breakdown of the Resell Rights Package...

Module #1: Training Package & Resell Rights License (Valued at $750)

 You get an entire training guide package that's ready for you to resell without any effort. This covers every base of helping your customers learn the ins and outs of securing their accounts.
This includes materials such as a 10,000+ word training guide (e-book), a digital mind map, a resources report, a hybrid cheat sheet, and a do's and do not's chart. All of which will assist your customers in making the most of this package.

Module #2: Sales Page & Thank You Page (Valued at $400)

  Just upload the fully responsive front end sales page with your buy button, fill in the details on the thank you page, and you’re ready to start making a profit today. You can also edit the sales page and improve it as well.
This comes with the thank you page too so you can incorporate bonus offers and even more. We’ve done the hard work for you so you can profit now.

Module #3: HD Sales Video w/ Voice Over (Valued at $100)

 It's no surprise that having a sales video media format for your sales page will help you connect to your audience a lot better.
This means you can use this video to better promote and convert visitors of your sales page into buyers. It also comes with a high quality voice over and the script as well.

Module #4: Slick High Quality Graphics Package (Valued at $200)

Your product image is what will make it sell online, so you’ll receive a complete set of 3D e-cover graphics to present this product offer to other prospects in the best possible light. Give your affiliates the banners and promotional material they need to market your offer.

Add a banner to your own sites, or start advertising on different advertising platforms. Resize them and modify them to your needs.

Module #5: Email Swipes For Promo & Affiliates (Valued at $100)

 You can effortlessly gather affiliates to promote your new security product offer.

Give them their choice from these 5 professionally written and edited emails swipe files and start building your buyers list today. Modify the swipe files to fit your voice or to create even more swipe file variations

Module #6: Step-By-Step Setup Guide (Valued at $20)

 Rather than just throw all of these materials into your lap and push you out into the wild – we give you proper training. We’ll show you step by step how to slap your name on this product, how to put your buy button on there, and lastly how to get it live on your host

Module #7:  High Converting Sales Copy (Valued at $90)

Not only is the high converting sales copy already integrated into the sales page for you but we’ve taken it a step further to simplify things:
You will receive text and document files that contain the sales copy in it’s entirety.
Use this to create other content, presell the sales page, hire a writer to re-write the copy or anything else you choose.

Module #9:  Hybrid Thank You Page (Valued at $20)

Most PLR providers just drop you with a regular thank you page that instantly grants your buyers access to their purchase, while missing out on a crucial factor.
We’ve implemented a 2-step download process into our system.
First you direct your buyers to a page (we provide) where they “register” their purchase (and get onto your list) and then after that, they’re directed to the REAL download page.

Module #10:  Support System & Legal Pages (Valued at $60)

Not only is this is a necessity for selling online, but you want to also present your business and this product as 100% professional.
You’re receiving a set of legal pages / documents that you can plug in to your site and link in the footer section of your sales page.
Additionally, you receive a completely integrated “support system” / “contact us” page so that your customers and even potential buyers can get in touch with you.

These 10 gigantic modules, you're going to be ready to set up shop and start selling this product as your very own as soon as today.

You could even have your first sale(s) today as well, all the while keeping every penny earned and building your list with more and more leads.

The included resell rights documentation outlines exactly what the guidelines are for this entire package.

There's no worrying and no guessing.

This package is truly a gateway to adding another effortless revenue stream to your bank account.

This product is truly in high demand. Just look at all of the statistics and funds invested into providing and ensuring security not just personally but in the corporate world as well. Each and every single year billions of dollars are spent on this subject matter alone.

Wouldn't you like to get a piece of that pie and start profiting as well?

How Can You Make Money With Account Security Lockdown:

  • Sell the security training to individuals or businesses at any price point you want
  • Use the content to build out a membership site and charge a monthly fee to gain access.
  • Provide as training for seminars or webinars.
  • Use as a high-quality bonus to your own products.
  • Break it apart and create smaller reports out of it.
  • Modify and publish the training course offline via DVD, home study courses, presentation material, etc.)
  • Train your own company or staff without any effort.
  • Re-distribute the contents of the course in any way.
  • Split the content up and create videos or articles.
  • Re-distribute the contents of the course in any way.
  • Split the content up and create videos or articles.
  • Build a highly targeted list by offering Account Security Lockdown (or one of it’s portions) as a free gift.
  • Utilize the training course for your own benefit / use.
  • Add your name on the product as author / creator!
  • Modify the contents, change the graphics, re-title the product and all of it’s modules, and include your very own affiliate links and cross sells inside.
  • Re-purpose the content into other formats for distribution, such as e-books, articles, viral lead magnets and more.
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

But hold on a minute, that's not it..

You will receive 5 bonuses that will help you even further:

And Your Very Special Bonus:

    Easy To Use Secured And BRANDABLE Software Creates XXL Strong And Random Passwords!

Grab this "Account Security Lockdown Master Resale Rights" TODAY! Just click the button below to get access in seconds.

This monster business in a box package is geared towards teaching all of the most up to date and PROVEN methods and systems for not only protecting just about any online account but also safe-guarding personal information from cyber criminals as well.

Account Security Lockdown comes with 14 action packed modules for reselling the product with ease. This includes the e-book, hybrid cheatsheet, resources report, mind map, do’s and don’ts chart, sales page, 2 step download page, high quality graphics package, email swipes, HD sales video, and tons more..

Account Security Lockdown MRR Benefits:

  • Fully designed sales funnel ready to resell.
  • Easy to setup and profit for years to come on autopilot.
  • Ability to resell and keep 100% of every sale made.
  • Massive evergreen highly in-demand niche.
  • All of the hard work done for you already.

With this business in a box "Account Security Lockdown" You Will Receive Everything You Need To Start Selling This Product Today..


And you have absolutely NO RISK! Full Satisfaction Guaranteed. No Questions Asked:

This "Account Security Lockdown" Business In A Box Package comes with a special 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

It will give you the exact materials that you need to profit from this market faster than ever.

If you come to the conclusion that after trying to sell HONESTLY, none of these materials have helped you profit, you can contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund your money.
We believe that this niche is just waiting to be cashed in by any person willing to provide the materials and with this package you can easily tap into it and start profiting.

Yes! I want to get this business in a box right now.

I understand that with my purchase, I will receive:

  • An immediate download of this full package sent to my email inbox.
  • All of the modules listed upon this page.
  • Lifetime support for this package - if you need help, contact us.
  • An iron-clad 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Just think about this for a minute...

You can pay a fraction of the cost that it could run you to have a product created for you, and you get a proven product ready to sell and start profiting today.

There's no hassle work, no spending weeks or months of your valuable time creating a product or waiting for your contractors to just finish the job.

You'll be able to effortlessly add your own details to the product (where necessary), and set up shop as soon as you finish downloading the product.

No need to worry about any of the hard labor involved with product creation, split testing, or any of the confusing work. You pay a one time fee, receive the package, and before you know it - your initial investment is completely paid off and you're beyond the profit zone.


Knowing all that you do about the behind the scenes work of just creating your own product.

And all that you'll be receiving completely done for you with this amazing offer.

It's time to choose...

Just gain access below:

ONLY $49.95

To Your Security,

P.S. This offer is not going to last long. I'm crazy for even opening the doors on this one as it is. If you want to start profiting today with a product that is truly evergreen in terms of targeting demographics and potential leads - then this is the be all end all of business in a boxes. What are you still waiting for!?

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